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what make us different?

Copenhagen Pastry differs from other bakeries through our emphasis on using authentic Danish recipes, traditional baking methods and the finest quality ingredients to create pastries that are flaky, light and delicately sweet without being sugary or heavy. 

Quality control, consistency and continuity are important to Copenhagen Pastry and among the reasons that our selections overall remain the same week after week.
Our fillings are primarily almond paste and custard in various ratios along with cinnamon, almond flakes and traditional Danish fruit fillings (apple, raspberry, apricot and blueberry). 

We always have trays with samples available for new and returning customers at Copenhagen Pastry. We are confident that our pastries market themselves better than our words can convey.

At Copenhagen Pastry we bake pastries throughout the day as demand dictates. Customers will always leave with freshly baked goods.

Customers can peek through a window into the production area and watch our bakers go about their work, baking and decorating pastries.


Among our signature offerings is a wholegrain rye bread containing the goodness of whole rye berries, black flax seeds, sunflower and sesame seeds. Our rye bread is a thoroughly healthy bread high in fiber, low in sodium and sugar free.


Copenhagen Pastry staff strives to provide the highest possible customer service. We enjoy the interaction with our customers and gladly share pastry stories and all things about Denmark and Danes.


Our bakery does not offer a café-like setting. Instead we encourage our customers to take their purchases to a place where the pastries can be shared with family and friends in a relaxed, cozy setting.

Karen Hansen, Owner of Copenhagen Pasty

the owner


With the opening of Copenhagen Pastry, owner Karen Hansen fulfilled her goal of bringing the very best, authentic Danish pastries to Culver City, greater Los Angeles and the California Southland. Karen Hansen delights in providing customers with a true taste of Danish pastries like the ones she remembers from her childhood in Denmark. 


To carry out this vision Karen Hansen has assembled a staff of professionals who work well together and function as a team with the common goals of quality and courtesy.

the baking team

Karen Hansen heads up the baking team, and with their combined experience and skill sets of these individuals, make for a unique, dedicated team that endeavors to deliver the highest quality products to our customers each day.

store staff

The people interacting with our customers are cheerful, knowledgeable and courteous. Our emphasis is on giving each customer a positive experience and sending them on their way with a smile along with their purchases.

Staff of Copenhagen Pasty
Kringle Cake Pastry

danish pastry history


Although today known world-wide as "Danishes" these pastries did not originate in Denmark, but were brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers, particularly from Vienna in the 1850's when Danish pastry workers went on a long-term wage strike. These bakers were unfamiliar with Danish baked goods so they used their own traditions with flaky, buttery dough filled with a variety of custards, nut, fruit, jellies, and almond paste. It did not take long before these pastries were popular throughout Denmark and the demand persisted after the strike ended. This is why these types of pastries are called Viennese (wienerbrød) in Denmark.


Traditional Danish pastry dough is yeast-leavened dough folded 27 times over with layers of margarine resulting in a so called laminated dough that yields the desired light and flaky pastry so prized around the world.

The basic pastry dough is used to make pastries in a variety of styles - round and circular (Spandauer and Chocolate), folded or rolled (Copenhagen or Cinnamon), cut, folded or shaped (Diamond or Crown) or the knotted pretzel shape of a Kringle, the trade sign for Danish bakeries.

dietary information

Copenhagen Pastry offers a wide variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free baked goods. Refer to the list below for our allergy-friendly products.


Morning Poppy
Poppy Twist
Morning Roll
Rye Bread




Coconut Top



Coffee Bread
Morning Poppy
Poppy Twist
Napoleon Hat
Rye Bread


Wednesday–Friday 7am - 3pm

Saturday–Sunday 8am - 4pm

Monday–Tuesdays Closed


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For deliveries over 5 miles 
Call us at (310) 839-8900


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