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Our Danish Rye Bread

Danish Wholegrain Rye Bread rye berries, flax seed, sunflower seeds. Made with whole rye and wheat flour, rye berries soaked and cooked to be chewy, flax seed and sunflower seeds for a bit of crunchiness, and finally rolled in sesame seeds before being baked to have a nice, crisp crust and substantive body. No preservatives are used. Low sodium and low sugar.

Our rye bread is best sliced when completely cooled. Slicing the rye bread while still varm will smush the body of the bread and create holes. A good, serrated breadknife yields the best result.

Rye bread is prized in Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries, as the backbone of lunch boxes for school children and adults alike as well as the foundation bread for simple or extravagant versions of “smørebrød” (open style sandwiches). 

Rye bread is the perfect companion for the many salted, cured or smoked meats and fish popular in Denmark as well as served with many cheeses or jams and preserves.

Rye bread is delicious whether toasted or not and in variuos thicknesses.

Our rye bread was recently written up in The Los Angeles Times (Read article)

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